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The mission of the Accommodation and Social Reintegration Centers (CHRS) is to ensure the hospitality, the housing, the support and the social integration of people or families experiencing serious difficulties, with a goal to help them access or regain their personal and social autonomy.

The Villa Saint Camille, is located on the French Riviera in Théoule-sur-Mer. It was necessary to make it a place where people of the most diverse ages and social origins share their paths, and where everyone can be aknowledged and taken into consideration in their entirety. 

The heart of the project is daily life which must be exploited to the maximum through the different links to be forged between each other. Indeed, the danger of compartmentalization lurks each time the exercise of a profession confines itself to a specific audience. Furthermore, meeting vacationers and permanent retirees is an asset in the integration process for people in difficulty.

If the people welcomed in CHRS can enrich themselves through contact with their elders, the latter receive in return. This mutual exchange through the simple fact of living together in the same place (meals, relaxation, various activities) can constitute continual enrichment.

The Association manages 5 reception and support systems:

  • A CHRS that can accommodate and integrate 60 persons, adults and families in difficulty

  • A guesthouse of 14 spots

  • 12 spots allocated to people assigned to AAVA (Active Life Adaptation Workshops)

  • A Senior Residence with 20 rooms and 6 apartments

  • A Family Holiday Home with 38 rooms

Villa Saint Camille is in partnership with the DDCS, the CCAS of Théoule sur Mer, Cannes and Mandelieu.

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